Hope y’all had a Happy Easter! Around here, nature handles most of the decorating. Spring has arrived with almond blossoms, iris blooms, busy bees, and colorful eggs. The first time I ate farm fresh eggs, I couldn’t believe the thick, colorful shells and yolks… or the rich taste.

Did you know?

  • Hen breed and health dictate the color and pattern of each egg.
  • Farm fresh, local eggs are usually not pre-washed, which keeps them fresh longer. Be sure to wash the eggs before cooking.
  • They’re nutritious. In 2016, the world’s oldest woman—who lived to 117 years—said she ate three eggs a day for 90 years. 


Where to Buy Farm Fresh Eggs

Find local eggs at the Honey Hole (next door to Babe’s Roundup on Montezuma Castle Highway), Camp Verde Feeds (584 Main Street), the Verde Valley Farmer’s Market, Crystal Lattice (348 Main Street), and farms and roadside stands.

The Verde Valley Farmers’ Market is open on Saturday mornings, May through fall at the Town Ramada (75 East Hollamon Street). And the Honey Hole also has duck eggs!


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