In Camp Verde, wildlife is a part of the neighborhood. You never know when a majestic Sharp-Shinned Hawk is going to fly into your Arizona room and tangle with your pet! She seemed surprisingly willing to listen when called, so it’s hard to say who had the upper hand?

With over 300 species of birds—including 21 species of hawks, eagles, kites, ospreys, and falcons—the Verde River and its tributaries are also heaven for a hound dog. For a birding trail map and a list of species, visit

The Sharp-Shinned Hawk looks extremely similar to the Cooper’s Hawk, which is also seen in the Verde Valley. Birders of all skill levels may struggle when attempting to distinguish between the two. If you have a bird feeder in your yard, you may see either species terrorizing your song birds. Among a list of other distinguishing features, Cooper’s Hawks are larger than Sharp-Shinned Hawks, but female Sharp-Shinned can be nearly as large as male Cooper’s. As the name implies, Sharp-Shinned have thinner legs than Cooper’s, who have longer and thicker thighs.

No birds were hurt in the making of these photos, but check out that nose.

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