Camp Verde Dark Sky

Lighting Guide

Want to help us protect Camp Verde’s Dark Sky?

You can start from your own home!

Follow these tips to install the most ideal lighting

Selecting a Light Bulb

When choosing a light bulb, look for the number of kelvins, which measures the color temperature of a light bulb.

An ideal Dark Sky light bulb will have a color temperature of less than 3,000 kelvins which will emit a warm, amber light. Using a light bulb with a warm, amber color temperature will reduce your contribution to light pollution.

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A great example of this is the FEIT Electric LED Bug Light that emits only 2700 kelvins!

Installing the right Light Fixtures

Can you change the light fixtures on your house?
If so, install a downward-facing and fully shielded light fixture.

This type of fixture will prevent light from shining above its horizontal plane. Because this kind of fixture will direct light downward, it will reduce glare by keeping your light from shining up into the sky and into your neighbors’ homes.

Set up Motion Sensors and Timers


The best way to reduce our light pollution is to keep your lights off! Motion sensors and timers can ensure that your lights turn on when they are needed, and turn off when they are not being used.

To report lighting issues: 

Contact Manny Romero, 928-554-0075
Code Enforcement Officer, Camp Verde

Or Report a lighting issue online.

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