Camp Verde Dark Sky

In June 2018, the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) recognized Camp Verde, AZ as the 20th International Dark Sky Community in the world! The IDA works to acknowledge places around the world for their initiatives to reduce light pollution and protect the night sky. 


Camp Verde is one of 6 Dark Sky Communities in Arizona, alongside Flagstaff, Thunder Mountain Pootseev Nightsky, Sedona, Big Park / Village of Oak Creek, and Fountain Hills! Dr. John Barrentine, an astronomer and director for the IDA, calls this the “central Arizona phenomenon.” Because of the efforts within and around Camp Verde to keep our skies dark, we have the opportunity nearly every night to stare up and have incredible visibility of the night sky. Most of America does not have the same luxury – the Milky Way is not visible from 80% of the country!

Our dark sky is a significant part of Camp Verde’s ancient culture, and serves as a nightly reminder of those who have been protecting it for many years. We must work together to continue preserve our night sky today and for future generations.

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